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Thread: Say No To Littering

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    Default Say No To Littering

    Okay it's true there's way to much littering going on in the world today...Things have got to change so I decided to create this lens on littering and what it's doing to our planet, our wildlife, our cities and towns, just look around on your own street - do you see any litter?

    Why do we litter? How exhausting is it to carry your garbage until you see that future look out with a garbage can, or a washroom along the side of the road...

    Here in British Columbia we are working hard to keep our highways, parks and every other public place free of litter...There are harsh penalties here where you can be fined up to $2000.00 dollars in some areas...

    It is important for the wildlife as garbage attracts them putting them into a dangerous situation...So do all of us that care a favor and hang onto your garbage until you can dispose of it the right way...

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    I really can't stand littering. There are bins everywhere, the excuse 'It's too far' is ridiculous, just people being lazy.
    If you went round someone's house, you wouldn't throw rubbish on the floor, so why do it outside?

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    Littering is one of my pet peeves. How hard is it to find a trash can or recycle your trash. I think many people are being lazy, but they also do not understand the impact of what they are doing. I think educating people on the choices that they make is one of the most effective ways to change behavior. While a large fine is a great way to deter some people from littering it may just make them not want to get caught doing it as opposed to not littering at all.
    Kimberly Winston

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    Many people are just being lazy and through the waste here and thus spread littering. Please don't throw the rubbish on the floor. Spread awareness about littering results and use trash bins placed every where for litters, no matter how far they are.

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    Its a bad habit to take, one thing research has proven is that it is tough to label an individual as a “litterer.” One may litter in certain situations, but not in another. Littering is not a consistent behavior I guess.

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    i agree with you, littering is a horrible and nasty habit. i had a teen girl that i used to train years ago and she littered once when we were together. i said something to her about it. her response was, what's the big deal? i said that if EVERYONE had that feeling the entire world would be in worse shape than it is. it was very hard and frustrating to get through to her on certain things, because she was brought up to think these things are okay and it is not her problem or responsibility. if we can all change one person, we can/will make a difference. :/
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    Yes, a lot of used stuffs can be recycled or reused in some way. We just need to keep that in mind.

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    My wife and I always cur up 6-pack holders because we know they will end up in the ocean or landfill trapping animals. Sad...

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