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Thread: Save on Gas and Money with Proper Tire Pressure

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    Default Save on Gas and Money with Proper Tire Pressure

    It might have sounded like a trite and overly simplistic solution to America’s dependence on oil and the surging gas prices, but there is definitely truth to Sen. Barack Obama’s suggestion that Americans maintain a proper air pressure in their car tires. Having properly inflated car tires can improve gas mileage by more than three percent. It will also extend the life of the tires. In fact, the U.S. can save 2.8 billion gallons of gas a year, ultimately saving billions of dollars and slowing global warming, if every American kept his or her vehicle tires properly inflated. That’s a lot too gain for a little bit of effort! Be sure to check your vehicle’s manual on the recommended tire pressure. So, remember, while inflating your tires is not the only solution to our gas dependence and crises, it will definitely help your wallet and the environment.

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    It's such a simple idea but it's so easy to forget about. Although 3% is only a small amount, with the price of fuel these days, if you can do anything to lower the amount of money you're spending on fuel it's a good thing.

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    i agree with you, Rosie! That's the truth....Now is the perfect time to save not only on gas but also on our money as well and it would really have a great impact on our lives.

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