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Thread: Go Back to School With Green Supplies

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    Default Go Back to School With Green Supplies

    School is just around the corner for most children and college students. That usually means stocking up on the usual school supplies: notebooks, pencils, backpacks, binders, and more. It’s a ritual that has remained almost unchanged through the years and generations. But, fortunately, what has changed is that there are now green school supply options. Here are some green supplies to look for when shopping:
    • Recycled paper. Look for recycled looseleaf paper and notebooks at your local office supply store. Another important thing: just because you finished a class, doesn’t mean the notebook is finished. Notebooks usually have plenty of unused leftover pages. Rip out and recycle (or save) the pages you’ve used and keep using your notebook for another class, a journal, or reminder book.
    • Binders and folders. You can also find binders and folder made of recycled material and post consumer waste. Some companies have gotten creative, using material such as old computer circuit boards to create binders.
    • Bags. Choose bags made of recycled material or a natural material, like hemp. Stay away from backpacks made from vinyl (PVC), plastics, or nylon.
    • Pencils and pens. For pencils, look for recycled or tree-free pencils and consider mechanical pencils (just needs lead, not a whole new pencil). For pens, look for recyclable disposable pens or refillable pens.
    • Computers. More manufacturers are making computers that use less energy. Laptop computers use less energy than desktop computers and are portable, making them a great choice for students on the go.

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    More and more schools are going green. Many schools are using computers in the class to help teach children and also as a way for kids to turn in assignments. My son is in first grade this year and they are using ipads. He logs into the computer and is able to do assignments. He loves it. Learning is more interactive.
    Kimberly Winston

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