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Thread: Switch to Recycled Paper in Your Office

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    Default Switch to Recycled Paper in Your Office

    1. Try speaking with the your manager and/or office supply person about switch to recycled paper instead of virgin paper. Chances are they will be receptive to the suggestion. For your home office, make the switch–you’re the boss!
    2. Choose a recycled paper that has the highest postconsumer content available. Even switching from using a ton of virgin paper to a ton of 30 percent postconsumer recycled paper will save seven trees. Switching to 100 percent postconsumet recycled paper will save 24 trees!
    3. Reduce how much printer and copy paper you use. Print only when necessary, stop printing needlessly. Print on both sides of the paper. Many printers allow for double-sided printing or you can print alternating pages (e.g., odd pages first) and then send the paper through again for rest of the pages on the backsides.
    4. Recycle the used paper. You don’t need to save every sheet once your finished with it. Be sure to recycle as much used paper as possible.
    5. If your office doesn’t have a recycling program yet, insist that they start one promptly! Offer to help implement the program.

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