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Thread: Advantages of Jute rugs

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    Default Advantages of Jute rugs

    Environmentally friendly Benefits

    Jute plants fast developing and don't need fertilizer or even pesticides, making their manufacturing Eco-friendly.

    Recycling where possible Benefits

    Jute rugs will also be Eco-friendly since they're recyclable as well as bio-degradable.

    Power Benefits

    Jute is among the strongest organic fibers on the planet, so jute rugs tend to be hard wearing as well as long lasting.

    Style Benefits

    Jute is of course shiny, retains dyes nicely and is also colorfast. Therefore jute rugs are available in a multitude of patterns and colors which will avoid fading.

    Price Benefits

    Jute rugs tend to be relatively cheap because of the low cost associated with jute, which is probably the most widely developed and least expensive natural materials available.

    Anti-Static Advantages

    Unlike numerous synthetic area rugs, jute area rugs possess natural anti-static qualities.

    More Advantages are welcome

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    Jute rugs are more not widely used at home but preferably they are the best option to go for. Jute flooring is more delicate and fragile than any other fiber but they are the right choice to go for. The advantages of Jute rugs are :
    - Biodegradable
    - Fire resistant
    - Sustainable
    - Strong and durable.
    Jute rugs have only few disadvantages and they are :
    - Jute threads weaken when they are wet.
    - Atmospheric condition may also weaken the jute threads.

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