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Thread: Plastic Bricks!

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    Lightbulb Plastic Bricks!

    Hey guys. There is a pavilion being built right now that is being constructed out of plastic bottles(Polli-Bricks) and is a world's first. Here are some images!

    This is what it should look like when it's finished.

    This is what it looks like from the outside which uses Large Polli-Bricks. There should be a waterfall coming down in the front here all the way to the side.

    On the inside, it uses smaller bottles.

    Does anyone think this is a good idea?

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    Nice pics. Cool building. I googled a bit on the term 'Polli-Bricks' after reading what you posted. They are not plastic bottles per se. They are made out of platic bottles though. The people who make Polli-Bricks claim that their product has a really high insulation value and that it is really cheap to use. Is the building LEED certified?

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    Yes, I think it is. I'm really looking forward to seeing this thing being completed. It should be really interesting.

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    Default Polli-Brick Info

    I thought the two Polli-Brick videos on YouTube were interesting. The fist is a sales pitch. the second has a couple of guys showing how strong the weight capabilities are. Take a look.



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    wow. these things seem pretty strong.
    I wonder if these will be available for consumers.
    I think it would be pretty interesting to have these as an interior.

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    The Polli-Brick photos you posted above seem to show that the building being constructed uses Polli-Brick both outside and inside. I really like the look of that interior roof in photo #2. Can you get more photos?

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    Hey! Got some new pix here for you. It is from the inside of the second floor of the pavilion.

    This is only the first layer, but there will be another layer of polli bricks on the inside so you won't see the lights and wiring.

    I'll have some more updated pictures later on!

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    HEY there!

    Got some new pix here! Near completion and we got Lights up!

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    Those photos are absolutely stunning! I love the idea... But the addition of so many lights, and a waterfall (???) make me wonder if that might offset the good that they're doing by using recycled plastic bottles.

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    The lights are a must since this is an Expo hall. But the waterfall and the insulation that the Polli-bricks give play a big part in cooling the building when it's hot because there are no air conditioners in the building. The pavilion also uses solar panels to power many of it's features.

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