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Thread: Green Taxis

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    Vancouver British Columbia has a fleet of green taxi cabs. Some are hybred cars and others are 100% electric alternative vehicles. They are well accepted and work great.

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    I actually JUST took one!
    there great...even more comfy than the standard ones...smells better too

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    I was about to say anything that reduces the Human foot print is good but that is to broad, however I do love to hear about on going efforts to address the world pollution problem. I would like see ore about this emerging engine technology that powers cars fueled by water. Imagine if ALL the worlds Auto's were fueled by water...not just Taxi's but every single one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shiela_robins View Post
    Heard about those green taxis in London. It seems that there are hybrid taxis going around the city! Pretty cool, eh!
    Wow, are there Green taxis in London. Oh, they help our city natural with environment by green color.

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    If you look at some of my other posts you'll know my distaste for hybrid vehicles. Yes, less polution comes out of the exhaust but what about the battery? During the battery production process many toxic gasses are released and about every 5-8 years the battery will have to be replaced. (probably more often for taxi's) What we really need is small displacement, lightweight cars that are powered by either diesel or petrol. Yes, I know, more pollution comes from the tailpipe but in the long run, normal cars do less harm to the environment.

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    Thanks for the great information everyone! these were some of the questions i had.

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    Sounds like a great idea. More cities should have them. I just can't wait until the technology gets figured out well enough so that things like the electric car (Chevy Volt) are inexpensive enough to get consumers to buy them. Right now, it's not a win-win situation because they are still expensive.

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    like this idea of a green taxi

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    Green Taxi Cabs have started in all big cities, reason behind is that all these big cities are now 90% polluted.
    An car engine burns gasoline and emit this pollutant in air which causes Ozone layer depletion. I have heard
    about the ECO clubs which are located in London who basically works for the green vehicles and they are making
    these vehicles with the help of new engineer so that it cost less and come with more creative ideas. The advance
    vehicle technology has inclueded electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, compressed-air
    vehicles, hydrogen and fuel-cell vehicles, neat ethanol vehicles, flexible-fuel vehicles, natural gas vehicles and clean diesel
    vehicles. All these vehicles use biodiesel, ethanol fuel and gasohol as their fuel and these fuel are eco freindly who do not make any pollution.

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    In April 2013, Nissan Leafs appeared in New York as a part of the taxi fleet. NYC hopes to make one-third of its taxi fleet electric by 2020.

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