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Thread: Solar vs. Wind Energy

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    A Solar Energy has :
    - Has better reliability and a 25 year warranty
    - Requires less monitoring
    - Does not require expensive maintenance
    - Better value for money in sites with average wind speeds less than 5 meters per second
    - Is less conspicuous than a wind turbine
    - Is totally silent in operation
    - Allows for quicker installation with less cable required
    - Is less susceptible to lightning & high wind damage
    - Requires less space in most cases as the panels can be installed on a roof.

    Where as, Wind power is a clean energy source that can be relied on for the long-term future. A wind turbine creates reliable, cost-effective, pollution free energy. It is affordable, clean and sustainable. Wind power reduces global warming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl View Post
    Everything used in human activities has to come from "somewhere" (extracted from the environment).

    So it is inevitable that the production and use of solar technology will have an environmental impact.
    Thank you for pointing this out. The people who think that human activity should have no environmental impact--and then snipe at everything as bad for the environment--give environmentalism a bad name.

    Downsides to alternative energy sources can be mitigated by improved technology, but as long as people are responsible for the mining, the manufacture, the transportation, the maintenance, and all that, we'll never be able to eliminate downsides entirely. But at worst, wind and solar are better for the environment than coal at its best.

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    Wind and solar energy are really two of the best sources of energy that man has benefitted from. However, regarding the topic, we need to take into consideration the location where either of the two would be able to give optimum energy for the user.

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    Both are renewable resources and have benefits and disadvantages both. I want to go with solar energy over wind energy.

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