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Thread: Finding an eco-friendly dry cleaner

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    Default Finding an eco-friendly dry cleaner

    Anyone have any tips on finding an eco-friendly dry cleaner? Is there a centralized website that we as consumers can access?

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    Hi lcheunger,

    I did a little looking around and found this site: Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning at Low Impact Living

    I'm not sure how they are making the determination that a dry cleaner is eco friendly though.

    Might want to do some Googling for dry cleaners in your area, I'm sure if they have gone green they will be bragging about it on their site to win your business.
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    Another way to green your dry cleaning is to use reuseable dry cleaning bags. I bought mine from this company called Dry Greening, and it's pretty handy. Dry Greening

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    I haven't found any green dry cleaners in our area yet. I'm sure as time goes by, there will be more and more in the marketplace.

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