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Thread: Green cleaning

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    Default Green cleaning

    I admit I'm rather new to the whole green idea. Not too long ago I was given a cleaner / housemaid position, since taking over I have been asked several times what we do about greener cleaning, which is currently very little. I'd like that to change which is why I'm here..

    I'm looking for any ideas on anything to make my service greener, ideas on products, practices, uniforms, transport or anything else you can think of.

    Anyone who would like to use my services as a green cleaner let me know, I clean around Derby & Nottingham, I don't charge for cleaning houses or charities. If anyone does want me to clean for them I'll message admin and ask them if it's ok to put a link here or message you my deatils.

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    I'm fairly new at this whole going green thing as well but I found a free online seminar that may help you out. It has some great info and might give you some tips......http://www.newlife1.info

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    The company that i'm involved with has a line of household cleaning products that are EPA and Dfe stamped and priced very reasonable. You can go to my web-site and see what you think. zoelifestyle.com/sfield Hope this can help good luck!!

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    I would start by looking at castile soaps and cleaners. Castile soaps is a type of soap not a brand. It was originally made with olive oil originating from the Castile region of Spain.

    This is the type of cleaners I use on my houseboat and have been getting many of the other boat owners here to use. Every thing we use on our boats washes directly into the lake when we rinse the boats off.

    A word of caution: There seems to be many companies of, shall we say, less than high moral standards that only use organic essential oils for the minor additive ingredients. I use Dr. Bonners, it is made with organic oils and certified to USDA's National Organic Program standards.
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    The fact of the matter is none of the "eco friendly" terms are regulated. You need to do your homework - and not trust the companies that are selling to you. Some of them are great - and some of them not so. My rule of thumb is if they don't list all of the ingredients on the bottle - I'm not buying it.

    Check out these eco friendly cleaning tips.
    I am crazy about eco friendly cleaning. You need to understand the effects that chemical based cleaners have on your family's health. Green Cleaning is the only way to go!

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