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Thread: Green Household Cleaning Product

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    I think you under estimate the power of lemons! Its not just for fragrance adding fresh lemon juice to your solution adds cleaning power!

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    I know lemons add to the power. Melaleuca uses lemons in some of their Ecosense cleaners. I'm basically lazy with my cleaning. With Melaleuca I don't have to worry about the formula, just spray & clean. At about $1.10 for 16 oz. of cleaner I really don't worry about the price.

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    Melaleuca offers household cleaning products that are green and clean like you can't believe. Plus, they are very concentrated so there is less plastic used for packaging and less cost for shipping since they are not shipping water. Many of the products are a fraction of what you would spend at the grocery store. Others are about the same, but work so much better that they are a better value. I've been using them for 9 years and will always be Melaleuca customer.

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    Our family uses seventh generation. It smells great and is very effective. We have tried other brands but the leave a slight residue that needs to be wiped up with warm water and a sponge. with the seventh generation line this doesn't seem to be an issue. it is also available on many websites and is very easy to find.

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    Thumbs up A Good Place for Eco friendly products

    I know of a online company who deals with 100% eco friendly products that really gets the job done. They have been in business for 27 years strong, and they even have a program set up where you can make money for referring people. Go to Work from home business opportunity . It tells about the company, the business and the products!

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    Mrs. meyers stuff and Method are pretty popular and smells nice
    also Ecover and Eco Cleaners work well too.
    Then you have the citrus ones, like citra-solv
    Live as Green as You'd Like!

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    Have you given soap-nuts a try? They are completely biodegradable, non-toxic and very affordable. I have only just started experimenting with them, but have had great results so far. You can certainly use them for your dishes and laundry (as well as as a shampoo for your hair). For things like window-cleaning and bathroom cleaning I can recommend cider-vinegar. It works well on glass and cuts through dirt well. The only down-side is the scent, which is quite strong. But you can always add some essential oil to achieve a sweeter scent...although I haven't tried that myself.
    If you prefer buying ready-made cleaners, I have found Ecover products to be effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlegreenmonster View Post
    There are loads of recipes for making your own, try using essential oils in them for fragrance, and lots of anti-bacterial and antiviral properties too.
    DIY is good, but be careful with anti-bacterial products. Anti-bacterial soaps are leading directly to antibiotic-resistant germs. They're pointless anyway, because the antibacterial ingredient has to stay on the skin for a couple of minutes. No one washes their hands that long before rinsing!

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    Default Make Your Own Cleaning Products

    Have you ever tried making your own cleaners? It is one of the easiest things to do and you will know exactly what is in them!
    There is a book Joy of Green Cleaning and it is available on Amazon. It has all the basics coving what you are trying to clean, amount of ingredients and how to clean. I love to keep my house clean but dont want to use harsh chemicals around my house! My family is too important to me to be putting them in danger of all these toxic chemicals that are being put into our cleaning products!

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