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Thread: Green Household Cleaning Product

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    Default Green Household Cleaning Product

    There are new products out that work very well. They are much better compared to the big name makers that are on the typical store shelf that claim to be green or all natural. Anyone know any household cleaning products that are truly green that will actually do the job?

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    smell yum: mrs meyers

    work fantastic: seventh generation & attitude (so far that Ive tried)
    both of the named above are also biodegradable

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    Default Thank you

    I will take a look at those. Also, try a new product line just out called 'Harmony". They have granite and tile, multi purpose, bathroom, glass, stainless steel and woods floor cleaners that are truly green, biodegradable - plus have essential oils in them! I've seen them at Whole Food Stores and Bed Bath and Beyond.

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    HI, my name is Metala and I run an eco-friendly website selling hundreds of eco-friendly products for you and your home!

    Please visit: http//:Home

    Check out the Eco Shop and the EcoNiko shop!

    If you sign up as a member you will receive access to the eco forum and free entry to the competitions!!

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    Default HG Laboratories

    With no exceptions thus far, Harmony products are the deal. I found their website www.hglabsllc.com

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    There are loads of recipes for making your own, try using essential oils in them for fragrance, and lots of anti-bacterial and antiviral properties too.
    Eco friendly living at www.littlegreenmonster.co.uk

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    Default Feather dusters

    Hi my name is Corey and Feather Dusters are one of the best kinds of dusters for cleaning dust. If anyone is looking for dusters for the household or for an office, these will please you. I am the owner of TheDustingStore.com we also have Lambs wool, Microfiber, Synthetic, and Air Dusters. Here is a special coupon code for anyone reading or submitting on this form to support you efforts in a greener world. Just type: "dusterinsider" with no spaces into the coupon code box on checkout to receive a 10% discount on your whole order. Thanks!


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    It's interesting that you mentioned using essential oils as cleaning solution. I've heard about that being an option, but have never tried it. Any suggestions on formulas?

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    Go to zoelifestyle.com/sfield It's a new company that launched in Jan. they are the first network marketing company with EPA and Dfe stamped cleaning products, they have 19 total. hope that helps!!!!

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    I found a great line but you can't find it in stores. You can only get it online. I know many people do not like to order things online but if you are interested, I can give u the site.

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