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Thread: Why did you go green?

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    Question Why did you go green?

    What caused you to want to become greener in the first place? What steps did you take? What are you still hesitating on?

    Here's my answer: I can remember the first Earth Day. (Yeah, 1970. That makes me ancient by this time). I became very interested in cutting down on pollution. Unfortunately at that time the main push was pressuring the government to do various things.

    My first personal action was to recycle whatever I could. Fortunately the scope of what I can recycle has greatly expanded over the years. I have also found other ways to reduce waste, for example, in adjusting driving habits.

    I'd like to do more in terms of renewable energy, sustainable clothing, water conservation, etc., but anything that requires a significant upfront cost is daunting.

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    It's interesting that you can connect your interest in becoming greener to a specific day.

    For me being conscientious of the environment has always been a part of my moral code. My father was pretty instrumental in this. He and I spent a lot of time outdoors when I was young.

    I'm still working on trying to eat vegetarian more often. It's challenging because my boyfriend really enjoys eating meat, and when his family immigrated here they were very appreciative to have it. It's hard to ask him to cut back.

    It is hard making changes when there's a lot of upfront costs. For some things there are compromises that are a bit cheaper.

    Thanks for starting this discussion!
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    Thanks for answering. I'm still hoping for more responses!

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    The same reason is here to make my surrounding things healthy, this is by fresh air which is by increasing greenery....
    I love planting, care them, love to sit under those in pleasing morning as well as in romantic evening.

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    This is an interesting question.

    And I can feed my ego by giving a reply here.

    For me, I value everything that is, like trees, animals, stones, air, water, insects, trash, dirt. I like it all somehow. And I feel connected to everything around me. It feels like it is me. Very spiritual maybe, but that's how I feel. So it is natural for me to try to treat everything around me with respect.

    More specifically, when it comes to eating meat I imagine someone else tries to raise me as a child just to eat me when I'm older. I don't want this to happen to me. Therefore I avoid eating meat. Also to cut down CO2 emissions, as meat produces more CO2 as we all know.

    But in essence, it is out of respect for everything why I started to live greener.

    I do everything step by step. I realize, as a human being I can't overcome all my bad habits at once. However, I can start to walk more often for shopping, then cut back on my meat consumption, then turn down the room temperature. It takes some practice to become aware of our own potential to save energy or in general live greener. Changing overnight doesn't work.
    I still have to figure out how to grow my own vegetables.

    And about cutting back on meat: I think the problem is that people don't know how to cook delicious vegan food. It's easy to stop eating meat if there are delicious dishes available as an alternative.
    <a href="http://www.nicolasrobold.com">Sustainability and global consciousness</a>

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    Katmac Guest


    For me, going green was a natural segue from having already been riding the organic food train for a couple years. I didn't want to eat food with pesticides or added hormones or chemicals, which led to me thinking about what's in make-up and hair dye, which lead to me questioning cleaning products and plastic (I always hated plastic, but now I feel as though I have a real reason).

    I was always turning lights off when I left rooms and have never been someone to let the water run while brushing my teeth, so there was a lot of little green things I was already doing. I stopped buying paper towels about two years ago, and shortly after that I stopped purchasing plastic wrap and aluminium foil. All three products are frivolous anyways, and I found that life is simpler without them. I've also adopted a mentally of only purchasing things for long-term. If I can't see myself keeping an item for 7 years, hopefully more, then why buy it?

    I really want to start composting, but I want something bigger than a little kitchen container and just haven't gotten around to seeing what's out there. I live in an apartment so those big yard containers or the old-fashioned pile won't work for me. I'm also horrible about remembering to bring my reusable bag to the grocery store.

    I want to try walking to the store more often as well, now that there isn't ice and snow everywhere. I'm unfortunately incredibly reliant on my car, but I do drive about half as much as the national average. The last time I walked somewhere so many weird men tried giving me a ride that I was a little discouraged (and offended). Do I look dumb enough to get in a car with a stranger? Also, I have two legs, I can get where I'm going just fine!

    The hardest thing is going to be sticking to only buying eco-friendly fabric. I've decided that I'm no longer going to purchase new clothes anymore. I'm hoping to make, or possibly thrift, any future wardrobe items as I need them. The issue is I have a love for stretchy fabrics, usually synthetic, and that is not so planet friendly. I'm especially bummed since I want to make myself a swimsuit and there seems to be no eco-friendly choices that are also practical. Polyester has spoiled me.

    Loved the question, and reading the other answers. Looking forward to seeing what other's say (:
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    I actually started to be greener since a few weeks ago when I started my internship at Darwin's Home, who offer lots of products within the category home design. Since I am working as a trainee I started to learn more about why green is better and I realized that I have stimulated the production of the bad type of products and I really felt ashamed for that, because I know I can do better than that.

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    I've always had some interest in helping the environment thus just like living green. I guess I have a green bug.

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